Russia confirms plan to stimulate Caspian offshore hydrocarbon production

June 12, 2014

The Russian government has confirmed its Plan for the overall stimulation of hydrocarbon production on the Russian continental shelf in the Russian section of the Caspian Sea, the Russian Energy Ministry has reported.  The Plan was first presented in 2012, during a meeting of the government commission on the fuel and energy complex which covered mineral and raw materials production and increasing energy efficiency in the economy.

The document includes steps to clarify the status of infrastructure in marine hydrocarbon fields, ways of developing logistics for shelf projects and providing those projects with infrastructure and personnel.

Special attention was given to environmental safety in surrounding waters and clarifying the manner in which the Russian border may be crossed when developing offshore fields.

Pursuant to instructions from the prime minister, leaders of federal executive agencies participating in the Plan are to report annually to the Energy Ministry on the course of its implementation. Based on data received, the Energy Ministry is to report to the government. 

Source: CDU TEK, 2014.