Russia Begins Review of Off-Shore Projects

June 15, 2010
Russian Natural Resources Minister Yuriy Trutnev told journalists that he has signed instructions according to which Rosprirodnadzor will begin inspecting off-shore projects in light of the accident on the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico.
"I think they have already begun inspections", Trutnev said.
He said he believes that there should be "an analysis of the practical side of responding to such situations".
"We have studied the laws and this is the picture: there is international practice on agreements related to pollution from vessels in the oceans, but none about pollution from platforms", he explained.
Trutnev added that it is difficult to comment on the economic consequences of such occurrences.
"what to do about the economic consequences of such events is an open page in history", Trutnev said adding, "the magnitude of the accident is such that it leads to the need to set up a new instrument in international cooperation", Interfax reports.
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