Rostekhnadzor Found No Significant Violations in TNK-BP

January 18, 2010

The Federal Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision Service of the Russian Federation (Rostekhnadzor) completed its scheduled inspection of TNK-BP and found no significant violations, the Petroleum Information Agency (ANI) was informed by Rostekhnadzor.

“The violations found during the inspection do not require shutdown of facilities, and some of these violations were eliminated in the course of inspection,” said representatives of Rostekhnadzor.

All production subsidiaries of TNK-BP were inspected in October and November 2009 for their compliance with the safety requirements. The inspection commission assessed compliance of TNK-BP enterprises with the requirements of laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, requirements of the company’s licenses, and safety requirements for hazardous industrial facilities. Specialists of Rostekhnadzor checked observation of its previous recommendations for elimination of violations and readiness of enterprises to emergency response and localization.

The results of inspection show that managers of all levels are involved in TNK-BP in industrial safety management and the company uses an efficient health, safety and environmental protection system based upon the application of a series of internal regulatory documents. As a result, according to the conclusion of Rostekhnadzor, the number of accidents at hazardous industrial facilities of the company has reduced compared to the results of company inspection in 2005.

TNK-BP informed the Petroleum Information Agency (ANI) that the company always tried to apply its best industrial safety practices and to follow the highest health, safety and environmental protection standards in all of its subsidiaries.

“According to the final conclusion, the inspection found several insignificant violations mainly related to manning and industrial safety documentation and set deadlines for their elimination. “This inspection of Rostekhnadzor demonstrated once again that in recent years TNK-BP has made a considerable progress in its strive of being an industrial safety leader,” said Evgeny Bulgakov, Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment, TNK-BP.