Rosneft Vietnam Drills Production Well on Lan Do Field

By OGE Editor, May 16, 2018

Rosneft Vietnam B.V. has started drillling of LD-3P (Lan Do field) production well as part of Block 06.1 development. Rosneft acts as an operator of this project.

Target depth of the well is about 1,200 m along the wellbore, sea depth at the drilling site is around 160 m. As estimated, Lan Do field has initial natural gas reserves of 23 Bcm. Underwater infrastructure objects will be built and connected to operating offshore objects of Block 06.1 (Lan Tay platform) in order to develop additional reserves of the field. Processed gas and natural gas liquid are delivered from the platform to the shore by the two-phase Nam Con Son pipeline that is 370 km long. It is the longest two-phase pipeline in Southeast Asia. Due to the two-phase technology gas and gas condensate are delivered to the onshore processing facility simultaneously.

Apart from that during 2018 Rosneft is also planning to perform sidetracking of previously drilled PLD-1P exploration well on Phong Lan Dai field (Wild Orchid), which is also located within Block 06.1. Target depth of the well is 1,300 m. As a result, the well will be reclassified as a production well.

Wild Orchid field was discovered during the 2016 drilling season when Rosneft was engaged as an operator of an international offshore drilling project for the first time.The field revealed commercial gas reserves of 3.4 Bcm.

Offshore infrastructure objects are being constructed on Lan Tay platform in order to deliver gas and natural gas liquids from Wild Orchid field.

Drilling on Lan Do and Phong Lan Dai will be carried out using Japanese drilling equipment Hakuryu-5 made by Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. (JDC).

Block 06.1 production wells will be connected to existing infrastructure objects which will provide synergy between two projects, helping to speed up commissioning of wells and maximize effectiveness of Block 06.1 fields development in Vietnam. 

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