Rosneft Opposes Russian Bill to Support Domestic Producers

December 19, 2013

Rosneft has rejected several provisions in the bill which obliges companies developing offshore fields to buy 70% of equipment in Russia, according to a letter sent to the State Duma energy committee by Rosneft First Vice President Larisa Kalanda.

Rosneft believes that the proposed amendments do not impose any obligations on Russian contractors so if they for some reason refuse to participate in tenders, offshore development projects will be under threat. Rosneft suggests dropping five out of the 12 proposed amendments.

These are the amendments obliging offshore developers to buy 70% of offshore equipment for every project from Russian companies, requesting the customs service to not allow imports of pipes and equipment if similar pipes and equipments can be bought from Russian companies, and obliging companies to conclude contracts with Russian higher educational institutions to train personnel for offshore projects.

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