Rosneft Has Enough Resources to Export Oil to the East – Igor Sechin

October 7, 2013

Rosneft’s resources exceed the oil pipeline capacities in the eastern direction by 15%, Rosneft head Igor Sechin has said.
He said the company’s resources match all of its obligations as far as processing and deliveries are concerned. “I ask you not to worry and to ask Transneft not to worry as Rosneft’s resources exceed all the available capacities in the eastern direction by 15%,” said Sechin.
Transneft opined in September that Rosneft would be short of some 3.9mn tons of oil per annum by 2020 for the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline customers, and that if the Eastern petrochemical complex were built, and would be short of up to 15.9mn tons of oil. Transneft said its calculations were based on the information officially supplied by Rosneft, Prime has reported.
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