ROSING Promises Jobs for 0.25 mln Employes

September 21, 2009


Elena Zhuk


About 40 percent of the oil wells are not involved in operation today in Russia. These figures were claimed by Russian Oil&Gas Engineers Union President Vyacheslav Manyrin on the RF Chamber of Commerce Commitee Proceedings on September 17.

According to Manyrin, the reason of this hard situation is that laws in the area of actvization of non-working oil wells fund are not adopted. However, Manyrin thinks that there is no need for significant improval of the laws in the area mentioned."Except, maybe, some taxes preferences, aimed on stimulation of work with hard to reach, waterflooded wells, of the sort we had at the beginning of 1990-th and in the Soviet times", - he specified. The drop now is about 5-7% per year. Manyrin sees prospects in scheme application, when the fields that are not effective for big companies use, should be sheared on tenders with the smaller companies. And these small companies in their turn will share with big companies all the oil produced, in the way that happens in the US and Canada. In order to run this scheme, Manyrin proposes to create a working group, consisting of "Chamber of commerce, Fuel-energy Commitee and Russian Ministry of Natural resources’   participants as well as representatives of oil&gas companies and ministries".

Even if only half of the wells of the oil fund mentioned would be run into production that would give about 25 mln tons of additional oil.

Meanwhile that would help to solve the problem of occupation that is very important in the period of crisis, creating about 0.25 mln working places (including subcontractors) in the upcoming 3-4 years.