Rosgeology Plans Technical Upgrades For Seismic Operations on Russian Shelf

August 2, 2013

During a recent visit to St. Petersburg, Rosgeology General Director Roman Panov said that Rosgeology plans to upgrade and re-equip its vessel fleet in order to better conduct geological surveys in Russian waters. "The fact that the Russian government is working on the issue of awarding licenses for geological surveys and production, means we can count on Rosgeology intensifying its work on the Russian shelf", he said.

Panov added that because it is one of Russia'a most important instruments for conducting geological surveys, Rosgeology must meet modern demands and master the level of competency needed by an organization involved in marine studies. "I feel this approach will allow us to vastly raise the level of studies of the Russian shelf and at the same time, maximize the state's income from selling licenses to develop subsoil resources", Panov commented.

During his visit to Russia's north, the head of the Rosgeology holding visited Sevmorgeo which is the holding's main enterprise engaged in the development of marine work. Sevmorgeo has its own design bureau and specialists.

The marine department of the holding handled large geological-geophysical projects entailing studies of Russia's arctic under the Arctic 2012 expedition which among other things had the objective of determining the borders of the Russian continental shelf.

Rosgeology is also actively involved in projects with private companies and foreign states on their territories.

According to the Rosgeology press department, This area of work is one the company plans to develop overall.

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