Rail Tariffs on Oil Exports to Rise by 13.4%

July 11, 2014

The Russian state rail company, Russian Railways, will raise transport tariffs on oil and oil product exports by 13.4% from August 2014.

Exempted from the increased tariff are exports of diesel fuel, gas transported through land borders and gas condensate transported through border crossings and the railway station at the port of Kaliningrad.

Russian Railways will also introduce a surcharge on the tariff for transportation of diesel fuel at a rate of 13.4% for exports through the Far East port railway station and 12.5% ​​for all other destinations.

The company had actually taken the decision in 2013 to use a multiplying factor in calculating tariffs on hydrocarbon exports, but at the time was prevented from enacting the increase because of government guidelines.

Russian Railways intends to index tariffs in 2015 up to 10% for transportation of cargo. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian government to approve the indexing plan and Russian Railways, jointly with the Cabinet, will develop the plan for cargo indexing over this current year.

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