Putin Says No Revision of Gas Deal with Ukraine

November 27, 2013

Russia has not discussed with Ukraine any possible revisions to the natural gas contracts between the two countries following Kiev’s decision to postpone the signing of an association agreement with the E.U., Russian President Vladimir Putin said late on November 26 as cited by RIA Novosti, Prime has reported.

“We have the contract between (natural gas giant) Gazprom and (Ukrainian state-owned gas company) Naftogaz Ukrainy, until 2019. We haven’t discussed any possible revisions the contract,” Putin said.

Ukraine has been trying to revise its gas contract with Russia for several years as it considers the price to be excessive. Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov said on November 24 that Moscow had promised to revise the contract.

Putin said that Ukraine had saved more than U.S $10 billion on gas purchases thanks to discounts provided by Moscow in exchange for prolonging the lease on a naval base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea.

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