Polish PGNiG considering LNG import from the USA

June 5, 2014

Poland’s largest gas company PGNiG is considering imports from the USA and claims that the earliest delivery of LNG gas could take place in 3–4 years, Warsaw Business Journal said on June 4.

According to PGNiG CEO Mariusz Zawisza, the price of American gas may be attractive compared to agreements with Qatargas and Gazprom. The Yamal contract signed with Gazprom, expires in 2022.
“We will gauge our partner’s willingness to renegotiate based on the relations between the Russian firm and other nations. We are seeing lowered prices in Lithuania and Italy,” said Zawisza. “Judging by volume of received gas, we are third behind Germany and Italy. Our accounts are settled in a timely manner. We are counting on a lowered price,” he added.
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