Poland to deliver 1.5bn cubic meters of gas to Ukraine per annum

April 17, 2014

Reverse supplies of natural gas from Poland to Ukraine stand at 4 million cubic meters a day at present, Malgorzata Polkowska, the press secretary of Gaz System company told ITAR-TASS on April 16.

“Gaz System, the Polish operator of main and distribution pipelines, delivers some 4 million cubic meters of gas from Poland a day,” she said.

Thus reverse supplies of natural gas to Poland do not exceed 1.5 billion cubic meters per year for the time being.

She said that gas would be delivered to Ukraine in the second quarter of the year on the basis of daily requests, as regular supplies could be made on the basis on the basis of a bidding contest that was held March 3 and March 17 without any bids made.

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