Paradigm Wins 2009 Edison Award

April 6, 2009
(Paradigm) - Paradigm™, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, announced today that Paradigm EarthStudy 360™, its revolutionary seismic imaging and interpretation technology for subsurface hydrocarbon exploration and development, has won bronze in the Energy & Sustainability category for the 2009 Edison Best New Product Awards™. Established in 1987, the EDISON AWARDS™ have honored some of the most innovative companies, business leaders and products in corporate America .

“Innovative, collaborative, passionate, and persistent are just a few of the many characteristics that describe the finalists for the 2009 Edison Best New Product Awards,” stated Sarah Miller Caldicott, great grandniece of Thomas Edison, co-author of Innovate Like Edison, and Chairperson of the Edison Awards Steering Committee.  “As a bronze winner in our 2009 Edison Awards, Paradigm EarthStudy 360 represented a standout technology in the Energy & Sustainability category.”

EarthStudy 360 is a breakthrough solution for generating full azimuth (360) images of the subsurface from seismic data recordings, providing geoscientists with new data structures and visualizations that can indicate the presence of undiscovered hydrocarbon reservoirs or better understanding of a mature oil field. The method is applicable to the most challenging geologic environments in the subsurface, including subsalt exploration in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico . EarthStudy 360 technology is designed to give oil companies more confidence in using seismic images to make safe and successful drilling decisions with minimum environmental damage.

“Paradigm is pleased to be awarded the 2009 bronze Edison for Paradigm EarthStudy 360,” said Zvi Koren, Paradigm inventor, research fellow, and chief geophysicist.  “As a leader in subsurface imaging solutions, we continually strive to provide technologies that break down barriers in traditional seismic methodologies and deliver more informative results to geoscientists and oil finders.”

The Edison Best New Product Awards, sponsored this year by Google, The Nielsen Company, Steelcase and Capitola Media, identify new products and services that excel in marketplace innovation, marketplace success, technological innovation, market structure innovation, and societal impact. These criteria align with Edison ’s own innovation best practices, called the Five Competencies of Innovation.

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