Pakistan Seeking Chinese Help In Oil Drilling

June 21, 2011
Pakistan is facing an acute energy shortage and urgent steps must be taken to explore the vast potential of hydrocarbon in country, the Pakistan Observer reports. In this connection President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani have rightly sought Chinese assistance in onshore and offshore drilling for oil and gas as well as for reactivating the depleted and abandoned fields in different parts of the country.

Talking to a delegation of Chinese oil and gas conglomerate, Orient Group, the two leaders assured that Pakistan would facilitate the Chinese investment.

The Chinese group has already acquired BP projects in Pakistan and is investing more so as to increase the production of oil products. Certainly Chinese companies are in a position to help Pakistan in oil exploration as they have the necessary technical know how, rich experience in drilling and the financial resources. Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain has also assured the delegation to provide necessary facilities for investment in oil and gas sector.

If arrangements for exploration of natural resources is matured with the Chinese and an enabling environment is provided, it will certainly go a long way in achieving a breakthrough. We think there is lot of potential for some major discovery in offshore but so far half hearted efforts made for the purpose have yielded no results.

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