Oil and Gas Industry Latest news

07.08.2014 Foreign Oil Firms Brace for Mexico Comeback

Foreign energy firms have wanted to return to Mexico since they were kicked out 76 years ago. Now that they have been invited back in, they are cautiously preparing their comeback.

07.08.2014 Statoil Empty-handed After Summer Arctic Drilling Campaign

Statoil has failed to find oil during a summer drilling campaign in the remote Norwegian Arctic, it said on Thursday dampening hopes for an oil and gas boom in these northern waters.

07.08.2014 Russian oil exports decline domestic refining volume grows

Oil exports from Russia continue to decline, which is due to an increase in oil refining within the country.

05.08.2014 Russia's Lukoil Pulls Out of Three Central Europe States

Russia's largest private oil producer Lukoil said on Monday it was selling its filling stations in three central European nations as part of an "optimisation" plan that has already seen it pull out of Ukraine.

05.08.2014 Russian Lawmaker Wants Oil Deliveries To Minsk Stopped

A Russian lawmaker wants to stop the delivery of Russian oil products to Belarus.

05.08.2014 India eyes $40-bn pipeline from Russia to import gas

In a move aimed at ensuring India’s energy security, the Narendra Modi-led government plans to import huge volumes of natural gas from Russia.

05.08.2014 How shale gas can boost US manufacturing

The American shale gas boom has the potential to revitalize domestic manufacturing, and a new report from a University of Michigan-led panel recommends steps to make that happen in a responsible manner.

05.08.2014 China Angles to Increase Domestic Gas Shipping Potential

Chinese shipyards are seeking to take about $10 billion in orders for new liquefied natural gas tankers over the rest of the decade, part of a plan to restructure the country’s ailing shipbuilding sector and secure China’s energy supply chain, the New York Times reports.

04.08.2014 Weatherford closes sale of Russian and Venezuelan land rig operations to Rosneft for $500 million in cash

Weatherford International plc (NYSE: WFT) closed the sale of the Company's land drilling and workover operations in Russia and Venezuela to Rosneft on July 31, 2014. The consideration was $500 million in cash.