New Rigs Key To Russia's Upgrade аnd Drilling Plans

By Bojan Soc, March 12, 2014

Burenie as Russia’s first drilling contractor licensed to compete in well construction tenders in Saudi Arabia and Middle East countries. ERIELL Group drilled four production gas wells in Bangladesh and signed a deal with state-owned Zarubezhneft to drill six steam-injection producer wells at the Boca de Jaruco field on Cuba.

Foreign Rig Makers Go Local

While demand for rigs remains robust, and importers’ options constrained by high duty tariffs, localization of foreign manufacturing in Russia could provide some relief. After contemplating this move over many years, NOV, the U.S.-based major oilfield equipment manufacturer finally launched construction of a rig plant in central Russia’s Kostroma region last December (for more, see Q&A with NOV Kostroma LLC general director Anthony Crawford), scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2015. Germany’s Bentec paved the way for foreign rig makers, building a plant in Tyumen, West Siberia, which produced its first rig in 2012. “In the middle of 2013, we had a milestone, delivering a cluster drilling rig with a 320-ton capacity for our Russian client, Gazprom Burenie. The order was carried out in a record time – in less than six months we assembled the rig and it was put into operation,” Oleg Fedorovskikh, Bentec Drilling and Oilfield Systems managin director, told OGE. 

According to Fedorovskikh, the company also shipped to customers several top drive systems with a lifting capacity ranging from 275 to 500 tons, which are used both in Russia and the former Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Belarus. “The company set up a service department, which employs several dozen highly-qualified Russian-speaking service engineers. We also have a hotline to support our customers, a spare parts warehouse for efficient delivery of parts and components of drilling equipment to fields,” he added.

According to Fedorovskikh, the plant in Tyumen is designed to put out four to five fully equipped rigs or 10 units through cooperation deals. “In 2013, we had four rigs in manufacturing, and at the end of the year, we received an order for Arctic Rig Cluster Slider with a 320-ton lifting capacity,” he said, adding that short-term plans included securing an order for one more rig.



Last August, ERIELL Group – assisted by Schlumberger as provider of comprehensive technological support – successfully drilled the first horizontal well in West Siberia’s Achimov deposit. The well with a 1-kilometer horizontal extension was drilled at the Urengoiskoye field for Arktikgaz.

Earlier, construction of similar wells was characterized by a high accident rate due to geological complexity of the Achimov rock, caused by abnormally high reservoir pressure, relatively high collapse gradients and low fracs.

Company experts developed a set of engineering solutions that aimed to ensure safety in well drilling. During the drilling Schlumberger’s advanced technology was used, including realtime geomechanical modeling, hydrocarbon-based muds, bottomhole assembly with rotary controllable systems, PDC bits and an expanded LWD system.



In order to illustrate the most complex technical issues, we chose an example from 2013,