Natural Gas Well Flows in Turkmenistan

August 18, 2010
Drilling brigades working for the Turkmenneft state concern launched a new natural gas well, Regnum reports, citing the Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Ministry. Well number 26 at the South Kamyshlydzha field in the south of the country has produced a productive flow of gas condensate at 3,600 meters deep.
"Judging from the first indicators, an industrial flow of of over 500,000 cubic meters of gas and 200 tons of condensate has been found. and though this is only a preliminary guess and controlled measurements must still be taken, tests and analyses already performed show the South Kamyshlydzha reserves will see a significant increase due to the find", the ministry press service announced.
Drilling brigades will now begin work on well number 28 which has a projected depth of 3,800 meters and is 750 meters south of well 26.
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