More Drilling in Store for Kenya

July 5, 2012
Tullow Oil and Africa Oil’s drilling in the Kenya Rift Basin has pushed interest in Kenyan acreage to a new high. Not long after the positive results were revealed, news of Kenya’s license awards were made bringing a plethora of new companies to the country’s shores including a couple of major E&P companies.

The two firms spud the Ngamia-1 wildcat well on Block 10BB at the outset of 2012 and positive results were revealed in various reports issued while drilling. Tullow, in its recent Trading Statement and Operational Update, said that while the discovery exceeded expectations, more exploration and appraisal activity needs to be done before commerciality can be declared. The well was suspended for future flow testing.

The partners ran an accelerated 2D seismic infill program over the discovery to define the outline of the trap and an appraisal program for the Ngamia discovery is being developed to include flow testing, a 3D seismic survey, and further wells to test the extent of the Ngamia discovery away from the basin bounding fault.

While that program is being lined up the partners will move on to their next well, the Twiga-1 well on Block 13T. The rig used to drill the Ngamia-1 is currently preparing to move to Block 13T, it will however return to Block 10BB to flow test the Ngamia-1. Tullow and Africa Oil are also mobilizing standard oil field pumping equipment for this test.

Tullow reported that over 100 leads and prospects have now been identified in seven related basins in the acreage. Those located in the South Lokichar basin, have been substantially de-risked due to their proximity to Ngamia. An accelerated exploration campaign is now being planned. Further 2D and 3D seismic data will be acquired and additional rigs will be mobilized, including a separate rig to drill the Paipai-1 prospect in Block 10A which is expected to commence drilling in the latter part of Q3 2012.

In Ethiopia on the South Omo block, a drill-site for the Sabisa-1 prospect is currently under construction and a third rig is expected to arrive and commence drilling Q4 2012.

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