MIOGE 2015: Congratulations to the winners of Youth RPGC 2015

June 25, 2015

About 91% of job applications rejections for young specialists in the oil and gas sector state lack of experience as a reason for turing away applicants. This data is found on the website of Changellenge — the biggest case organization in Russia aimed at developing practical education.
In order to get out of the risk zone and demonstrate one's management abilities to potential employers, the company offers graduates of Russian oil and gas institutes younger than 30 years old to participate in its specialized youth championships.

This year, the company organized the 2nd Youth Russian Petroleum and Gas Challenge / Youth RPGC 2015 as part of the Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress.

The organizers intended for the championships to help students find jobs and companies to find promising employees. Participants were challenged to find a long-term development strategy for BK Yevraziya and present their ideas to the competition jury.

The first round of the competition was on-line. Andrey Alyasov, the general director of Changellenge which founded the case movement in Russia, said over 1,000 students from 30 cities in Russia.

Judges trimmed the number of participant after the first round to 60 persons for the final round of the championships which took place this week during the 12th RPGC. Students were entered from over 70 universities and institutes across Russia and most finalists came from the Gubkin Oil and Gas Institute, the National Research University, Gorniy (St. Petersburg), the St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University.

Just before the competition took place, students were divided into teams of four members. This resulted in 15 teams being observed for three hours by judges who represented BK Yevraziya: Nataliya Ustinova, the head of HR, Andrey Skavronskiy, VP of drilling; Sergey Romanenko, VP for corporate development and Alexander Bogdanov a representative from GE.

"The strategy we want to develop will have to be carried out by you as future employees of the company, and so we are offering you to work together with us.", Skavronskiy said, addressing the teams before the beginning of the competition.

At the end of the discussion, the teams presented the results of their collective work in the form of short presentations and answered questions from the judges.

The winners of the 2nd  Youth Russian Petroleum and Gas Challenge was the combined Moscow team which included Kseniya Makhurina (Gubkin), Maria Lysenko (National Research University) and Stepan Kostrikin (Gubkin).

Second place was won by: Alexander Kravchenko (London Business School), Anastasiya Shtykova (Moscow State Institute of International Relations), Nikita Taskin (Tomsk Polytechnic University) and Ivan Pozdnyakov (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration).

Third place was taken by: Stanislav Demchenko (National Research University), Vladimir Shargin (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) and Maria Shaburova (Gorniy).

The winners were awarded their diplomas at the evening ceremony in honor of the congress delegates.

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