Kazakhstan to develop green technologies in oil, gas sectors

May 20, 2014

The ruling party Nur Otan discussed green technologies and plans to increase Kazakh shares in oil and gas projects on May 19, Kazakhstan Today has reported, citing parliament’s press service. The chairman of Nur Otan’s economic policy council, Meyram Pshembayev, said Kazakhstan should adopt green technologies taking into account the complicated geology of its deposits. Technologies should be used to improve quality of car fuel, use associated gas and increase oil recovery, he said

Pshembayev also said it was unacceptable for Kazkahstan that local companies were selling few goods and services. He said local goods accounted for less than 10% of purchases by oil and gas companies, compared to 50% in such countries as Norway and Brazil. Time has come for the government and extractive companies to come up with a road map to develop Kazakh producers, he said.

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