"Kama" Trading House Implements Operations Automation Project

August 30, 2013

The "Kama" Trading House (part of the Petrochemical Complex of JSC TATNEFT) developing its own network of sales and service centers, regional logistics centers and warehouses has automated operations.

The official dealer of TATNEFT's petrochemical complex tire products has moved from the wholesale tire products distribution strategy to their massive promotion to the end user. The "Kama" Trading House sells more than 200 nomenclature items produced by JSC "Nizhnekamskshina", "OOO "Nizhnekamsk Truck Tires", OOO "Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire Factory" and JSC "Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod".

The dealership network includes 58 companies being engaged in wholesale and retail trade in Russia and in more than 70 countries abroad. Currently the Trading House delivers the tire products to largest Russian and foreign automakers, such as "AvtoVAZ", "KAMAZ", "GAZ Group", "Volkswagen Group Rus", "NefAZ", "Izh-Auto", "MZ" Tonar", "Asia-Auto" (Kazakhstan).

Pursuing the aim of reducing the orders processing time, matching of sales plans with the plans of tire factories for products output and ensuring rapid updating of the operational data the work has been carried out to automate sales operations of the marketing divisions. They have been united in a single information space with the production enterprises of the JSC TATNEFT's Petrochemical Complex.

Source: Tatneft, 2013.