INPEX Announces First LNG Carrier At Naoetsu LNG Terminal, Japan

August 28, 2013

INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX) celebrated the arrival of the first LNG carrier “TANGGUH FOJA” (capacity 154,800m3) at Naoetsu LNG Terminal, located in Joetsu City (at its Naoetsu Port Area), Niigata Prefecture, Japan, the company reported in a news release.

INPEX has been engaged in construction of Naoetsu LNG Terminal since 2009, and commissioning has commenced this month for its full-scale commercial operation planned in January 2014.

The LNG carrier “TANGGUH FOJA” arrived at Naoetsu LNG Terminal in accordance with the LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement which INPEX and Chubu Electric Power Company, Inc. signed on 31 July this year. The LNG carrier berthed at Naoetsu LNG Terminal today at 10:25 and it started off-loading of the LNG to an LNG tank in the Terminal, which is planned to be completed by tomorrow morning. INPEX will continue to proceed with the commissioning work without any accident taking place towards the commercial operation scheduled early next year.

After the commercial operation startup, INPEX’s global Gas Supply Chain will be established where INPEX stably supplies the domestic gas market with the overseas sourced gas INPEX develops and produces in addition to the gas produced in the Minami-Nagaoka Gas Field in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It will contribute to fulfillingone of the growth targets of “reinforcing a Gas Supply Chain” as addressed in INPEX Medium-to Long-Term Vision.