GE Oil & Gas Awarded $400 Million Contract for Gorgon

October 22, 2009

GE Oil & Gas today announced it has been awarded a competitive bid, worth over $400 Million, to deploy advanced liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology for the development of Gorgon, one of the world’s largest untapped natural gas fields, which also features the world’s largest ever carbon-dioxide (CO2) sequestration technology project.

Claudi Santiago, President and CEO of GE Oil & Gas said: “I am delighted that GE Oil & Gas has been selected by Chevron to deliver this technologically complex project which will deliver cleaner energy on an unprecedented scale. The contract consolidates our global LNG technology leadership position and our competitive edge in pioneering CO2 sequestration applications. Gorgon demonstrates our customer commitment to Innovation Now solutions based on safe and reliable technology transfer and our partnership role in milestone projects shaping the future of world energy.”

GE will supply Chevron with equipment to fulfill Gorgon’s LNG production and CO2 sequestration, as follows:

·         Three (3) Main Refrigerant Compression Trains required for Gorgon’s production of 15 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) LNG – equating to three shipments a week leaving Gorgon’s purpose-built LNG loading jetty; and,
·         Six (6) Compression Trains required to drive Gorgon’s pioneering carbon dioxide sequestration (C02) project, the world’s largest - injecting up to four times more carbon dioxide than any other project worldwide.

Cleaner Natural Gas Vital to Fuelling Global Economic Growth

According to the Energy Information Administration, between now and 2030 global energy consumption is projected to increase by 44 percent with oil and gas, along with coal, continuing to meet the largest part of that demand.

The demand for natural gas – the cleanest burning fossil fuel, which plays a vital role in balancing economic growth and environmental responsibilities – is expected to grow by more than 67 percent by 2030.

The Gorgon Project’s estimated economic life is at least 40 years from the time of start-up. In addition to natural gas supply for domestic Australian use, Gorgon is critical to meeting Asia’s growing need for cleaner energy. To date the Gorgon partners have signed sale and purchase agreements for LNG export into Japan and South Korea, the world’s two largest LNG import markets, as well as India and China.

Globally, the net impact of using Gorgon LNG will result in about 45 million tonnes less greenhouse gas emissions, when compared with coal. That’s equivalent to taking around two-thirds of all Australian vehicles off the road.

GE Innovation Now Technology Makes The Difference

The Gorgon natural gas fields are located at Barrow Island, around 130km off Western Australia. Gas will be extracted and delivered via subsea and underground pipelines to gas treatment and liquefaction facilities on Barrow Island's south east coast.

Three (3), 5-MTPA GE Main Refrigerant Compression Trains, each comprising two GE Frame-7 Gas Turbines plus advanced technology liquefaction compressors, will be utilized for the production of liquefied natural gas by chilling to –160°C, ready for shipping, before re-gasification and pipeline transportation for use by domestic and industrial customers.

Prior to liquefaction