GE Energy: New Embreak Technology

March 27, 2009
(GE Energy ) - GE Water, a business unit of GE Energy, showcased its new Embreak 2W2024 technology, part of a new proprietary class of demulsifier chemistries, at the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association’s (NPRA) annual meeting held this week in San Antonio, Texas. The new GE technology lowers fuel usage at crude furnace, saving customers money while also reducing the impact on the environment.

This technology recently helped a Gulf Coast refinery that was experiencing poor dehydration when processing heavy blends of Maya and Merey crudes. Water carryover was averaging 0.6% in the desalted crude from low desalter residence time and high charge rates. Any upset would significantly increase the water carryover.

GE Water was called in to replace the desalter treatment program with GE’s Embreak 2W2024 at similar dosages. The results showed a decline in fuel usage per unit of charge for a 36-hour period around the time that the chemical treatment program was changed, which was later confirmed by lab testing. The levels of water in the desalted crude were significantly reduced by 55% on average after the chemical change was made, allowing this refinery to realize $1 million in fuel savings. Additionally, salt remaining in the desalted crude was reduced by more than 50%.

“Our proven solutions and technologies improve furnace performance by reducing both fuel gas usage and emissions that impact the environment, helping to address the industry’s challenges,” said Tiffany Morris, senior product manager for GE Water. “When compared to other demulsifiers, the percentage of oil in effluent water is significantly lower in applications using GE’s proprietary Embreak 2W2024, which has been tested across various crudes with similar performance results.”

GE Water provides process and water treatment chemicals, equipment and support services to the refining industry. In addition to its application expertise, it provides a full range of antifoulants, emulsion breakers, corrosion inhibitors and finished product additives that are used in the major refining processes. The company also supports boiler, cooling tower and waste treatment applications within the refinery.

NPRA’s annual meeting was held at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas, March 22-24. The annual meeting is the world's premier refining meeting, assembling key executives and technical Page 2 of 2 GE Energy March 27, 2009 experts from refining and marketing organizations worldwide, as well as representatives from associated industries.

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