Gazprom Subsidiary To Purchase 10 Sukhoi Superjets and 39 Mi-8AMT Helicopters

August 18, 2011
Gazprom Parts and Sukhoi Civilian Aircraft signed a contract in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for 10 10 100/95LR Sukhoi Superjets (with extended flight capabilities) and 39 Mi-8AMT Helicopters for Gazprom Avia, Gazprom reported in a news release.

The aircraft are to be delivered from 2013-2015.

Gazprom will use the aircraft in this deal to gradually replace its ageing Yak-42 fleet with 100/95LR Sukhoi Superjet by 2015.

The Superjet will allow the airline to significantly increase its profitability by saving on fuel costs.

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