Gazprom Seeks End to Shtokman Deadlock

December 18, 2012

According to the company, a tender on the construction of the huge Arctic project will be held in January 2013. The plant will have a production capacity of 30 million ton per year, and will be built in the Orlovka Valley near Teriberka on the Kola Peninsula. All of the documents needed for the tender have been already been prepared, according to a press release issued by Gazprom. In addition, the Shtokman operator is reportedly also about to complete exploratory engineering works. Gapzom's plans to submit comprehensive project documentation to Russian authorities for approval in 2013, the company reported.

As previously reported, the Shtokman Development AG recently underlined to BarentsObserver that the preparations for field development are going full steam. In a meeting with Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun, in October this year, President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Shtokman project is coming “before 2017”.

After the exit from the Shtokman Development AG of Statoil this fall, and the subsequent postponement of the initiative, the project reached a state of deadlock.

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