Gazprom To Enter Shale Gas Market in U.S.

May 20, 2010
Gazprom, the world leader in gas production, intends to purchase a company in the United States that produces shale gas, Deputy Gazprom Director Aleksandr Medvedev said according to Bloomberg. Medvedev did not name the company in question.
Earlier, Gazprom CEO said Gazprom would gain experience in producing gas from non-traditional sources when it began its operations with coal gas in Russia's Kuzbass region.
"We have our own technology and we have experience, and so I think that we can now move forward under the slogan: if you have shale gas, we are coming!", Miller said according to Interfax.
In April Russian Natural Resources Minister Yuriy Trutnev stated that growth in shale gas production was a problem for Gazprom and Russia. Trutnev also noted that executives in Gazprom shared his concerns about the situation on the world gas market.
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