Gazprom: Construction at Bovanenskoye Field On Schedule

July 21, 2011
Work has been completed at the Bovanenkoye field to assemble a complex gas preparation unit, Gazprom reported in a news release. The work was reviewed by a recent delegation of Gazprom specialists headed by Gazprom Deputy Chair of Management Aleksandr Ananenkov.

The Bovanenskoye field is the main center of gas production in Yamal, Gazprom reported. At a meeting in Nadym, Ananenkov noted that construction in the field was on schedule.

Besides the new gas preparation unit, preparations are underway to install a hydraulic test unit and a cluster of gas wells.

Gazprom noted that test drilling is still being conducted. Since the beginning of the year, 143 wells have been drilled and underground equipment installed at 82 wells.

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