Gazprom Announces First Production Well Launched In Turonian Deposit At Yuzhno-Russkoye Field

May 14, 2012
A festive ceremony dedicated to launching the first production well in the Turonian deposit located in Western Siberia took place today at the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil, gas and condensate field operated by Severneftegazprom. Top executives from Gazprom, Gazprom Export and Severneftegazprom took part in the event.

Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Chairman of the Severneftegazprom Board of Directors and Stanislav Tsygankov, Director General of Severneftegazprom pressed the symbolic start button and launched the project which was believed to become a starting point for the large-scale development of Turonian deposits in the Russian Federation.

“I would like to thank all employees from Severneftegazprom and everyone who made their own contribution, and, in fact, gave a start to a new stage in the domestic gas industry growth, which anticipates developing hard-to-access gas reserves. The Yuzhno-Russkoye field is one of the major resource bases to feed the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Severneftegazprom started the Turonian deposits development which allows securing new volumes of gas deliveries in the future as well as helps Gazprom, the gas supplier of the new gas transmission project, to achieve its most important goal – to provide reliable and uninterrupted gas supplies to Europe,” said Alexander Medvedev.

“The Turonian deposits of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field are estimated at more than 300 billion cubic meters of natural gas, meaning that annual production may potentially be increased by 5 or 8 billion cubic meters. The Turonian development project is vital for advancement of the entire gas industry. At the same time, a special approach needs to be taken towards the project – the unique and state-of-the-art engineering solutions have to be introduced. We were successful in achieving this goal and managed to launch the Turonian development owing to the accumulated production and human potential as well as highly professional participants engaged into the project. In the nearest future we hope to prepare the Turonian gas deposit for commercial operation. This is a great honor for us and a status symbol for Severneftegazprom and Gazprom in general to play a pioneer role in developing the Turonian deposits,” said Stanislav Tsygankov.

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