Fracking: Scotland’s shale gas resources revealed

July 1, 2014

Scotland’s Central Belt is sitting on billions of barrels of shale oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas, an official survey has discovered.

It could provide enough gas alone to meet Scotland’s needs for the next half-century and a major wave of drilling exploration is looming to establish its commercial viability.

But the findings re-ignited the battle over the controversial use of “fracking” to get at underground deposits of shale gas. Environmental groups warned against the impact on global warming of extracting a new generation of carbon fuels.

The shale resources are more “modest” than originally thought, according to the British Geological Survey (BGS) ­report published yesterday. It was commissioned to assess the potential reserves of fuel in Scotland.

But a new round of drilling licences will be issued “shortly”, with central Scotland expected to be among the three UK areas hosting 20-40 test wells in the next two to three years. The move ­follows a shale gas revolution in the United States in recent years, which has seen energy prices tumble.

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