Fine Tubes to Supply Advanced Tubing for Total’s Egina Project

June 12, 2014

Fine Tubes has been awarded a major order by FMC Technologies for the supply of advanced tubing for Total's offshore Egina project, the company reported in a news release.

Located some 150km off the coast of Nigeria at a depth of up to 1,750m, the Egina oil field is being developed by Total Upstream Nigeria Limited for whom FMC Technologies is providing all the subsea production systems. The oil field is estimated to reach a peak production rate of 150,000 barrels per day and covers an area of around 500 square miles. Fine Tubes has been contracted to supply FMC with significant volumes of seamless instrumentation tubing for the control, hydraulic and injection lines required for the subsea manifolds.

Fine Tubes delivers high precision tubes for super critical applications in the Oil and Gas industry.

Source: Fine Tubes, 2014.