ERIELL Expandis its Geography: a New Project in the Republic of Cuba

September 6, 2013

Zarubezhneft that had earlier executed a contract with Cuban Union de CubaPetroleo for pilot operations, appraisal and application of secondary oil recovery methods at the Boca de Jaruko field has elected ERIELL Group as its drilling contractor. 

The new ERIELL project is intended for construction and completion of 6 steam-injecting directional development wells of nearly 2000 m depth. To perform this work a 180t lifting capacity mobile drilling rig meeting the API standards and an AK-60 completion rig were mobilized. The drilling equipment has additionally passed the APCI inspection compliant with the laws of the Republic of Cuba. ERIELL has engaged Schlumberger and Foothills as oilfield services contractors.

«Work at the Boca de Jaruko is extremely important for us. We do not only enter the market new for the Company but also implement the project in complicated geological conditions of abnormally low reservoir pressure and zones of catastrophic circulation losses», - ERIELL Group Executive Director Vitaliy Dokhunikhin said.

«A set of technologies to be applied was optimized to minimize the risks of emergencies. Drilling of the upper intervals will be made using process water at no returns with viscous colmataging compositions flow, and in the low part of the section gypsum/lime drilling mud will be used», - Dokhunikhin continues.

Another Boca de Jaruko peculiarity is the customer’s request of environmental impact minimization as the field is located in the environmentally clean zone in the immediate proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. To this end the ERIELL Group will use the close-loop (pitless) drilling with all wastes removal and disposal.

6 wells within this project’s framework are planned to be built by mid of 2014.

ERIELL, International Oilfield Services Group founded in 1999 in Czechia is providing well construction and overhaul services to the lead oil and gas industry companies in the Russian Federation, Central and South Asia, North Africa and Europe. Gazprombank is one of the ERIELL Group key shareholders.

ERIELL specializes in exploratory and development drilling of oil and gas wells, develops its own rigs manufacture and oilfield facilities construction businesses. sidetracking, drilling mud development and  support, сdrilling bits and borehole motors services.

Source: ERIELL, 2013.