Eriell Aids construction of Horizontal Well in Achimov Formation

November 12, 2013

An integrated approach to well construction has made it possible to successfully drill the first horizontal well through the Achimov deposits in the Urengoyskoye GCF with a horizontal section 1 km long.

ERIELL Group, with integrated engineering support from Schlumberger, has successfully completed the construction of a horizontal well drilled to a depth of 5200 meters through the Achimov deposits in the Urengoyskoye GCF in a record time under a contract with JSC Artikgaz. The 1000-meter-long horizontal wellbore exposes simultaneously three pay zones. Previously, the construction of such wells was characterized by a high accident rate, due to difficult geological conditions in the Achimov formation stemming from AHRP, relatively high collapse gradient and low hydraulic fracturing values.

 “A well with a horizontal tailing-in about 1 km long has been successfully drilled through the Achimov deposits without complications for the first time in the region. This became possible through coordinated joint efforts between Schlumberger’s Petrotechnical Engineering Center (PTEC) and ERIELL Group yielding the performance indicators previously unattainable in the region. It should also be noted that the production potential of such wells is 2-3 times higher than that of standard S-shaped wells,” - says ERIELL Group CEO V.B. Dokunikhin.

The specialists of the two companies have developed a package of technical solutions to ensure accident-free drilling. The drilling process involved the use of Schlumberger advanced technology including real-time geomechanical modeling, oil-cut drilling fluids, BHA with rotary steerable systems, PDC bits and advanced logging-while-drilling technology.

Today, the production cost of Achimov gas is several times higher than that of Cenomanian gas the reserves of which are nearing depletion.  So such wells will extend the life of the field and improve the technical and economic efficiency of the project. An integrated approach to drilling in difficult conditions has proved to be effective in both Russia and worldwide.

ERIELL International Oil Service Group, founded in the Czech Republic in 1999, provides well construction and workover services to leading oil & gas companies in the Russian Federation, Central and South Asia, North Africa, Europe and Latin America. Gazprombank is among ERIELL Group’s key shareholders.

ERIELL specializes in exploration and production drilling of oil-and-gas wells, expands manufacture of in-house drilling rigs and develops the oilfield facilities construction area. The Group also carries out directional drilling, sidetracking, drilling fluid development and maintenance, drill bit and bottom-hole motor service.

Source: ERIELL Group Press Service, 2013.