EC energy plans "in line with Polish proposal"

May 23, 2014

Ahead of an EC conference to be held in Brussels on Wednesday with Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, PM Tusk told Polish Radio that he expects to gain public support for his plan for an energy union.

The move comes as tensions, which mounted in Ukraine earlier this year, prompted the Polish PM to announce a five-point plan which would see the EU buy gas and oil as a single bloc. The plan also calls for greater interconnectivity between EU member states, introduces the concept of “energy solidarity” and pushes for the diversification of energy sources. While the plan has overall backing from the EU, last week the EU’s Energy Commissioner threw Tusk’s plan into doubt, saying “gas is a product, not a policy weapon for the EU.”

However, PM Tusk said on Wednesday that the EC’s recommendations will be practically in line with Poland’s proposal for the energy union. “The European Commission will present certain recommendations to the entire EU and these, to the best of my knowledge, are nearly 100 percent in line with the proposals which Poland has been suggesting for many weeks.” Tusk said. Speaking to Polish Radio, Tusk said that better energy security and greater energy independence is a “long term interest which stands in the way of some companies’ immediate interests, not just in Germany.”

“But of course the links between Germany and Russia are the most evident,” Tusk added, underlining that “gas is not just a tool for business … it is also a strategic security element of Europe as a whole.” Meanwhile, following today’s conference, the European Commission is to present its energy security strategy ahead of an EU summit in late June.

Source: Polish Radio, 2014.