Dragon Oil Completes Dzheitune Development Well

September 7, 2010
Dragon Oil plc (Ticker: DGO) has completed the Dzheitune (Lam) 28/147 development well and performed initial test on it, the company reported in a news release. The well, which is the second in a series of wells to be drilled from the Dzheitune (Lam) 28 platform, was drilled to a depth of 3,400 metres on a single completion basis by the NIS rig. The well was tested on a 24/64" choke and flowed at an initial rate of 2,451 bopd with a well head flowing pressure of 1450 psi.
The NIS rig has since skidded to the next slot on the Dzheitune (Lam) 28 platform and has spudded the Dzheitune (Lam) 28/149 well.  
Dr Abdul Jaleel Al Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer, said, "I am delighted to report the successful completion and initial testing of the Dzheitune (Lam) 28/147 development well, in addition to the spudding of the Dzheitune (Lam) 28/149 well. This brings the Company to a total of seven new development wells to date this year and we remain on target to complete 11 new wells in 2010."
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