Crimea to receive LNG at Russian prices

April 14, 2014

Crimea will receive liquefied natural gas (LNG) at prices equivalent to Russian, Crimean First Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliyev told reporters, ITAR-TASS said on April 11.

“At present, we have an agreement that liquefied gas will be delivered to Crimea at Russian prices. The supplier company is currently engaged in talks with the Russian company. I think the prices will be equivalent to Russia’s, we call it ‘Krasnodar plus,’ plus meaning the fuel supply costs,” he said, without specifying which Russian company would act as gas supplier.

Temirgaliyev added that the republic at present had no deficit of fuel. “We have sufficient liquefied gas reserves at the moment to fix within two weeks the logistics of liquefied fuel supply to Crimea,” the first deputy premier said.

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