Chinese CNPC's 2013 oil and gas output up 10.2%

January 17, 2014

China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), announced on January 16 that its oil and gas output both home and abroad rose 10.2 percent year on year to 306.65 million tons of oil equivalent in 2013, Xinhua has reported.

CNPC is the parent company of PetroChina and is the nation's largest oil and gas producer and supplier.

Zhou Jiping, CNPC president, said overseas business was the pillar force driving up the corporation's oil and gas output, which totaled 123 million tons last year, up 18.1 percent from 2012.

Trade volume of CNPC's oil and gas operating centers in Europe, Asia and North America increased 10.9 percent year on year to $266 billion, according to the company.

The oil firm plans to produce 329.67 million tons of oil and gas in 2014, said Liao Yongyuan, CNPC general manager.

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