China Angles to Increase Domestic Gas Shipping Potential

August 5, 2014

Chinese shipyards are seeking to take about $10 billion in orders for new liquefied natural gas tankers over the rest of the decade, part of a plan to restructure the country’s ailing shipbuilding sector and secure China’s energy supply chain, the New York Times reports.

China’s push to build its оwn natural gas delivery vessels will increase its capability in high-tech shipbuilding and challenge South Korean and Japanese shipyards, which have been the main suppliers of large gas tankers for 30 years.

As many as 50 tankers, оr mоre than 20 percent of the 225 liquefied natural gas vessels expected to be added worldwide by the end of 2020, are expected to be built in China to deliver gas to its ports, according to estimates from the American Bureau of Shipping, a ship safety society.

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