Chevron Wants 'Dialogue' With Poland On Shale Gas Law

July 11, 2013

Chevron wants more dialogue with the Polish government on a draft bill determining rules on exploration and production of shale gas, The News Poland reported.

e would like the opportunity to continue to have dialogue about some of the issues that are going forward in the bill," John P. Claussen, Chevron's country manager for Poland has told the Reuters news agency. "There has been good consultation between the ministry of environment and the industry and there is more opportunity for that," he added.

Chevron has four licences to explore Poland's shale gas potential in the south east of the country, though it has abandoned work on the Frampol well without giving reasons for doing so. Earlier this year, Exxon Mobil, Talisman and the Canadian Marathon pulled out of exploration drilling, citing concerns over red tape and the amount of the gas which can be potentially extracted from underground rock.

Companies from Poland and abroad are currently drilling 46 wells in the search for shale gas. Foreign forms are concerned about the bill currently being worked on by the Polish government, however and what appear to be much smaller reserves of the gas than originally thought.

One unnamed executive told Gulf News that “the situation is very bad, everyone is discouraged.” Another official said: ““If the law is adopted in its current shape, plus two or three more unsuccessful wells, other investors will leave.”

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