Chevron to start shale gas production in Ukraine by end-2014

January 20, 2014

Chevron will begin shale gas production in Ukraine’s western areas only by the end of 2014, environment minister Oleg Proskuryakov has told UNN.

The Ukrainian government and Chevron signed a production sharing agreement in November 2013. Government experts believe that up to 10bn cubic meters of gas will be produced by the Chevron-led partners per annum,.

Proskuryakov said the partners were discussing an operational agreement which is likely to be signed soon. After that, the Americans will come up with a plan of works to be agreed with the interagency commission for production-sharing agreements. Once the plan is approved, works will begin at the Olesskaya field. Proskuryakov believes they will not be start earlier than Q3 2014.

He also said environmental studies and monitoring were necessary in order to ensure that nothing poses danger to local inhabitants.

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