Caspian Countries To Ink Protocol On Safe Oil Production

June 29, 2010
Kazakhstan, Russian, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran intend to sign a protocol on safe oil production in the Caspian Sea.
"We want to sign two protocols in addition to the Teheran Convention this year, including one on safe oil production in the Caspian Sea", Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Minister Nurgaly Ashimov told journalists on Monday in Astana.
Earlier that day, speaking during government hour in parliament, Ashimov said Caspian states planned to sign two protocols to the Teheran convention this year.
"We plan to have two more protocols this year and to sign them in Astana. They will be full-flledged documents, the same type of conventions, and they will include points on pollution in the Caspian and on protecting the environment around the Caspian", Ashimov said.
"IF a spill opccurs in a neighbouring section of the sea, we should have documents that will enforce obligation on all participants in the process of oil production in the Caspian", he said.
In 2003, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russian, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan signed a framework convention. the document obliges its signatory states to fight pollution in the Caspian, make wise use of its resources and cooperate with each other and relevant organizations.
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