Azerbaijan Increases Gasoline, Diesel Prices

December 3, 2013

By decision of the Tariff (price) Council from December 3, 2013 retail price of gasoline, diesel and the wholesale price of certain petroleum products was increased, Trend has reported. In addition, by the decision of the council it was increased the tariff for the sale of natural gas for the electric power aluminum, chemicals and steel enterprises.

According to the report of the Tariff Council, published on December 3, retail price for a liter of gasoline Aİ- 95 is 0.8 manats, and retail price of gasoline Aİ- 92 and Aİ- 80 is 0.7 manats per liter .

Retail price of one liter of diesel fuel was set at 0.6 manats. The tariff for the sale of natural gas to companies rose to 80 manats per one thousand cubic meters.

So far, the cost of one liter of gasoline Aİ- 95 was 0.6 manats, Aİ- 92 and Aİ- 80 was 0.55 manats, and diesel fuel - 0.45 manats.

Tariff for sale of one thousand of cubic meters of natural gas to chemical, steel and electricity production enterprises was 42 manats.

The official exchange rate is 0.7844 AZN/USD on Dec. 3.

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