Ashalchinsky Deposit Yields 300,000 Tons of Super-Viscous Oil

November 11, 2013

Since the start of production, Tatneft produced 300,000 tons of super-viscous oil at the Ashalchinsky deposit. Production is expected to reach 145,000 tons of super-viscous oil in 2013.
The oil and gas production association Nurlatneft is developing Tatneft’s Ashalchinsky deposit. The target is the Sheshmin horizon of the Ufa layer at the Cheremshano-Bastrykskaya area. Daily production of super-viscous oil at the Ashalchinsky deposit equals 515-520 tons. By November 2013, the company drilled 24 pairs of wells and five cyclic steam wells, while 19 horizontal wells are being developed.
Tatneft aims to accelerate the drilling of super-viscous oil deposits. To achieve this, it has come up with a business plan to develop the Ashalchinsky super-viscous oil deposit by 2030.
Source: Tatneft, 2013