AGR Inks $3m Deal For Enhanced Drilling Services off Sakhalin

June 13, 2013

A leading operator has signed a $3m deal to use Riserless Mud Recovery services (RMR®) from AGR Enhanced Drilling, AGR reported in a news release.

These services will be used off Sakhalin, Russia, over this year’s summer drilling season.

The operating company is using RMR® to help drilling operations in an area that has challenging top-hole conditions and stringent environmental regulations.

RMR® enables operators to use weighted mud during top-hole drilling. All mud and cuttings are returned to the rig, with no discharge to the sea. The result is a safer, more stable top-hole, drilled with minimal environmental impact.
RMR® and its sister technology CTS® (Cuttings Transportation System) have together been deployed on more than 500 wells worldwide to date.
Enhanced Drilling’s EVP, David Hine, said: “RMR® has been used with great results previously off Sakhalin - we very much look forward to continuing the RMR® success story with this latest project.

Last year, Norway-based Enhanced Drilling built on its reputation for step-change technological solutions with the introduction of the EC-Drill® Managed Pressure Drilling system, which was used on three deep-water wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

Source: AGR, 2013.