ADX Romania To Begin Seismic Operations In September

August 14, 2013

ADX Energy Ltd (ASX:ADX) reports the acquisition of additional 2D and 3D seismic data in its Romanian EX‐10 Parta license is expected to start in September.

Earlier in the year approximately 90 km of 2D seismic data of excellent data quality had been acquired. With an unusually rich harvest season in Romania coming to an end, most of the permit work has been successfully completed. ADX now expects operations to start in about mid September after a number of unexpected environmental and administrative issues with local bureaucracy have been cleared.

Seismic contractor Prospectiuni Srl has already assigned a seismic acquisition crew, which is currently completing a survey elsewhere in Romania.

Some of the additional 2D seismic data will target a new prospect which was identified from the seismic data acquired earlier in the year. ADX expects that the additional data will confirm the relatively large structure with an associated AVO anomaly that is interpreted to be an indicator of potential hydrocarbons. Drilling preparations for this prospect and others could start by mid October.

Parta Permit Background

The Parta Permit covers an area of 1,221 km Pannonian basin area of western Romania. It also contains 7 excised oil and gas fields within its perimeter and is considered underexplored. Exploration activity ceased in the early eighties with most wells drilled in the sixties and seventies. No 3D seismic has been acquired for exploration purposes. Geological and geophysical work by ADX to date has led to the identification of several conventional leads and prospects which are estimated to cumulatively

contain a recoverable mean prospective resource potential of 47 mmbls of oil and 480 bcf of gas.

Source: ADX Energy Ltd, 2013.