The 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow: Responsibly Energising a Growing World

May 13, 2014

With over 55,000 m2 exhibition space, 5000 attendees and more than 500 CEO’s, presidents and government ministers attending, the 21st World Petroleum Congress will be the largest oil and gas event in 2014. Held in Moscow from 15 - 19 June, 2014, the Congress provides excellent opportunities for networking and building international cooperation and a unique chance to learn about the latest scientific and technological advances in the global oil and gas industry.

The main aim for the Congress is to encourage everyone involved in the petroleum industry to share their experience and ideas, to promote dialogue between the key stakeholders and to identify long-term goals that our industry must pursue in order to ensure the delivery of our mission: sustainable exploration, production, and consumption of oil and natural gas and their products for the benefit of the humanity.

The Congress will take place at the same time as the football World Cup starts in Brazil. As with the World Cup, the 21st WPC will bring together the highest level and most important players representing all stakeholders of the oil and gas industry: executives, experts, government authorities, NGOs and society representatives. Together with the largest oil and gas exhibition ever to take place in Russia, the 21st World Petroleum Congress will be the most important gathering for the industry in 2014.

The huge event is being organised by the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council under the leadership of the Russian Federation and the heads of relevant Russian Ministries which provide all necessary assistance to ensure a successful world-class event for the 21st World Petroleum Congress. The Russian Federation government has issued two decrees on this matter and formed a high-level Organizing Committee. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,. A.V. Dvorkovich was appointed as Chairman of the 21st WPC Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee includes heads of the largest Russian oil companies and banks, representatives of the federal government as well as the leading scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The programme of the Congress was evaluated by some of the leading authorities in the Russian oil and gas sector. One of the most respected experts in the field of petrochemistry and refining, Academician Salambek Khadzhiev, confirmed that the programme reflects the current state of art and development prospects for the global petroleum industry, that is formulates topical challenges at the global level and incorporates all aspects of the most complex sector of the world economy. The issue concerning the development of Arctic Shelf hydrocarbon resources has been prominently included in the programme, as well as a number of issues relevant to Russian industry and science, regarding refining and petrochemistry, which were put forward by the Russian Programme Committee.

 “It is important for Russia to discuss new technologies for downstream processing with global oil and gas experts, as this remains one of the most pertinent problems for this country. But Russia has the opportunity to turn this gap round to its advantage: today, new processes