ТМК Improves Oilfield Service Efficiency

By Ivan Dolzhenko , October 8, 2013

Building on service: TMK NGS becomes a full-service option for oil and gas customers worldwide. With technologies advancing rapidly, it is not enough to make quality products. Helping customers maximize use of those products is critical. Offering products, service and post-service supervision in one package was a primary goal in creating the TMK Oil and Gas Field Service Division (TMK NGS).

Sergei Bilan, TMK NGS general director for premium products and oilfield service, gives an inside look at the division.

Ivan Dolzhenko : How does the Oil and Gas Field Service Division fit into the structure of TMK?

Sergei Bilan : TMK developed its Oil and Gas Field Service Division in response to a growing industry challenge – there is less “easy oil” in the world, with many oil fields already pumped dry or close to it. To increase hydrocarbon production, companies can either drill new wells or develop hard-to-reach formations. Both options are driving demand for high-tech products with special features and the creation of a service market. 

TMK originally focused on producing innovative products, introducing breakthroughs into the production line and making products to replace imports. However, progressing without providing customer service was difficult. We can produce state-of-the-art products that meet all international standards, but there is always the risk that they will be used incorrectly and key features will remain unutilized. Uniting company and customer interests through service is the final stage in creating our product. 

Dolzhenko: How are TMK’s product service operations set up in Russia?

Bilan: To manage service for premium connections, TMK NGS works with TMK Premium Service and collaborates on orders with TMK’s trade house. We work in cooperation with TMK plants. They deliver pipe products, then we cut threads, apply coatings and perform additional service operations.

For manufacturing technology and sales, we work with TMK’s Russian and American divisions. For instance, we are licensed to cut threaded connections developed by the American division on Russian pipe. That allows us to manufacture products with the ULTRA threads without transporting long distances.

Dolzhenko: Is developing premium product lines a priority for TMK NGS?

Bilan: TMK is a major player in the premium segment. In 2011, we began producing ULTRA Premium Threaded Connections at our Orsk Machine Building Plant (OMZ). The first batches of pipe with ULTRA-FJ threads – which were new to the Russian market – were shipped to Gazprom and Lukoil.

Then, we began producing pipe string components with Premium Threads at our Buzuluk facility, which later was licensed to cut ULTRA threads. TMK NGS Buzuluk has new equipment, and once it becomes licensed, opportunities for cooperation within the division will expand significantly.   

Dolzhenko: Can you comment on TMK’s acquisition of the oilfield service assets of ITS Tubular Services in the U.S.?

Bilan: The U.S. pipe market is the biggest and one of the most attractive in the world, especially considering the wealth of shale drilling, where ULTRA pipe is widely used. Our
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