World Energy Leaders Meet in Istanbul

I’m coming to you this week from Istanbul, where the fourth annual Atlantic Council Energy and Economic Summit is set to kick off this morning. The two-day summit will cover a range of issues important to European and Eurasian oil and gas industries.

“Istanbul, with its geographic location, as well as ease of access to the whole of Europe, the Middle East, and Turkic Republics, is quickly becoming the region’s energy transmission network,” according to Summit Director Orhan Taner.  Over 400 industry and government representatives from around the world are gathering here to discuss topics like Caspian Gas and the future of Europe’s Southern Gas Corridor; implications of Iraqi oil production on regional energy developments; and Eastern Mediterranean Gas and Transit.

Several current and former U.S. Ambassadors are set to discuss the implications of the November 6 elections on U.S. energy and foreign policy in the region. Industry representatives, like former BP chief (and current CEO of Genel Energy) Tony Hayward and VP of Shah Deniz Devlopment Al Cook, will discuss key issues regarding Iraqi oil production and Caspian gas projects.

In addition to this, German and Turkish officials are set to sign a new energy cooperation agreement on the sidelines of the summit this afternoon. Details of the agreement are not yet known, but will likely hold significant implications for future gas transit projects in Europe’s Southern Corridor.

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Ben Priddy

Central Asian Analyst

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