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How the Heck Did THIS Happen? Somali Pirates?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I have seen Peter Pan in movies, plays, and at costume parties. He’s the standard issue vision of a pirate - cranky white guy with bad teeth and unusually nice hair for the time period. I read Treasure Island at gun point as a child too. (My grandfather forgot I was a girl since I have always been freakishly tall.) The point is that never once were any of these pirates interested in anything other that a few gold coins and a nice girl they could tie up for awhile.

These Somali guys though - I don’t think they care much about any coins and sex is probably the last thing on their minds. I’m wondering how they will ever find themselves alone long enough now to have sex… Think about it…

How is is possible to take over an OIL TANKER? This isn’t a plane that you can steal at gun-point, fly below radar and ultimately land in some obscure corn field. This is a big, honkin piece of metal that travels very slowly and can be followed anywhere.

So, where will they go once they dock? They have 25 hostages now. How much of this human capital will they need to cough up to get their money? OK, let’s say half plus a half (13). They now have 12 hostages left to take with them on their jet plane, which they wil undoubtedly demand. The hostages form a wall of protection around the hijackers until they board the plane and fly away. Oh - yeah - now I get it. It helps to talk these things out. They get the plane, fly under the radar and land in some obscure field where the hostages are no longer needed and may or may not be shot. OK.

Makes me want to take a cruise - eek - as if the cheesy floor shows weren’t bad enough.