May 10, 2009
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№4 April   2009

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Home / Issue Archive / 2009 / April #4 / Honeywell Creates a Virtual Refinery in Gubkin Oil&Gas University

№ 4 (April 2009)

Honeywell Creates a Virtual Refinery in Gubkin Oil&Gas University

On Tuesday Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas was the scene of presentation of a new virtual refinery project


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The project started in 2007 is based on the decision of the global company Honeywell acting as an integrator of the system.  According to Vladimir Kapustin, the Head of Oil Processing Technologies Department of the University and VNIIPIneft General Director, the choice of the company is caused by the fact that by the time being the Department “is the only Russian market Vendor of all elements of the process required for the design of a virtual refinery complex”. 

“The project is an efficient supplement to the educational process enabling to observe the process on the part of an operator, a dispatcher and a process engineer, - Leonid Sorkin, Honeywell’s Director for Strategy and Development in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, emphasized on the course of the presentation.  In video display the students see the interface actually similar to that the operator works with at the refinery. The refinery, whereto the student is admitted, does not exist, however the facility of this type may be formed based on a modular concept resulting in creation of various conditions of real refineries. The simulation models of technological processes include such typical processes as desalting, vacuum distillation, catalytic reforming, saturated gas fractionation, diesel hydrofining, delayed coking, propane deasphaltizing, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur recovery, etc.

In addition to the process aspects, as Mr. Sorkin says, the project "enables training with technical/economical and management focusing”. Basing on the knowledge of technologies the students, post graduate students and candidates for a master's degree have a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of the refinery performance and to calculated profits.

The project totaling 42.5 million rubles will be supposedly implemented in three stages. For the first stage implementation TNK-BP, Honeywell and VNIIPIneft have granted, respectively, 5.3, 5.8 and 0.3 million rubles. By the time being a number of alternative designs of the refinery principle flow diagrams have been drafted and a part of the required equipment purchased. 


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